I can't update Windows 8.1 in audit mode

If you are preparing a custom install of Windows 8.1, you could find a problem with the download the updates in audit mode. I've been researching and it seem to me that if you don't activate Windows 8.1 you can't update Windows. This don't kwow if it will change in the future. This is today. 

Looking in Technet, I found a interesting solution. You can invoke the updates from PowerShell. Is a easy process. 

1. You can download the scripts package from here. 

2. Decompress the package and copy the folder in these paths:

C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WindowsPowerShell\V1.0\Modules

3. Run PowerShell ISE as administrator.

4. Introduce the following instructions without quotes:

"Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned"

"Import-Module PSWindowsUpdate"


5. Then you need to restart the computer.

Later it activate Restricted Mode of Set-ExecutionPolicy.

How open files "shs" in Windows 7

The SHS files or also known as Office clippings, are files that were used in Windows XP and earlier systems. This type of files started to be used to introduce viruses into computers, for this reason, Microsoft finished using these files in the newer versions of Windows.

If you want to open a shs file on Windows Vista or later, you can follow these steps: 

Copy the shscrap.dll file from a machine with Windows XP. Yo can find this file in "C:\Windows\System32". You should copy it to the same path in the machine with Windows 7. If the machine is 64 bits, you should copy the file to "C:\Windows\SysWOW64".

Create a ".reg" and copy the following text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="Scrap object"
@="Shell Scrap DataHandler"

Execute the "*.reg" on the computer and then you can open files "SHS"

If the user needs to open shs documents and he isn't computer administrator, he'll need write permissions on the strings where our script going to write. Once the user has permissions, we can run the *.reg file with the user account.